Known & Loved


I moved to the land of opportunities to follow my passion and dream 30 years ago. I still remember when I was 10 years old I found myself surrounded with needles and threads making dresses for dolls and invite all my cousins and friends to attend my doll fashion show. I started making dresses for myself and when my first daughter was born, I made a dress for her every single week and any occasions. My passion was growing and I felt I needed to expand so I moved to US and I cannot be happier about my decision. I started doing alterations at home in my garage, then custom tailoring, wedding dresses and Veils. It was a joy and pleasure to see people enjoying what I made for them.
I moved to Georgia for seven years when I had the opportunity to know Kelly and her Closet (Kelly's Closet). It was a dream come true when I started working wedding dresses from famous designers. When I returned to California, I had the pleasure to meet with Ramona and work with her in Love and Lace and great experience. Ramona has helped me to start my own shop at age sixty with over forty-two years of experience in this field and I cannot be happier. I have two daughters and three beautiful granddaughters, Eeva, Nora and Lily but I feel like I am thirty years old when I start working every morning and the most beautiful thing about this business is the name I chose which I picked the first two letters from each granddaughter EENOLI.